Writing Gratitude Letters: EP010

The Gratitpreneurs Podcast – Episode 10 – Show Notes

In this episode, we talk about writing a letter of gratitude based on the various researchers and how vastly effective it is compared to simply verbally saying it to someone. We conclude by talking about the power of letter writing and how changing perspective improves your letter-writing initiative.

In our previous episode, “The 4-Step Process of Gratitude,” we had a deep dive into the four-step process one should undergo when writing a gratitude letter—Notice, Think, Feel, and Do. By noticing what the other person did for you, you start to think about the intention behind their action and how it emotionally affected you, and what you wanted to do to reciprocate their action. Through this process, you can thoroughly convey your emotions to your letter.

Gratitude letters are different from gratitude notes. A note can be easily written “at that moment” you thought of something, but a letter denotes a deeper meaning. It is more thoughtful, elaborate, and emotional. You made the letter’s receiver be loved, inspired, and remembered—that someone actually made an effort to write letters for them. And the difference is even more glaring when you only write it on email vs. writing it and delivering the letter on your own—as per the Greater Good Science Center’s guide on how to write a letter of gratitude!

The Greater Good Science Center also emphasized that you need to write it as if you are talking directly to them. How will that change the letter? It’s a monumental move. It made the connection between you and the receiver even closer, making it more personal! That’s why don’t be afraid to write a letter. You might be anxious or nervous about menial things like grammar or spelling, but the trick is to shift that thinking to another perspective—what will they feel when they receive your gratitude letter? They will be happy that their actions are recognized and feel good that you reached out!

What to Listen For:

  • Recap of the 4-Step Process [3:00]
  • How to Write a Letter of Gratitude [04:13]
  • Does challenging someone to Write a Letter of Gratitude sincere? [13:05]
  • The Power of Writing a Letter [16:07]

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“A letter of gratitude is something that has much more thought and feeling. You would only give that to someone that you really know and made a big difference in your life.” – Liz [02:22]

“Sometimes, when you write these letters, we want to try to dig deeper. That’s when you can really communicate something to someone when you really dig deep into your emotions. – Tim [10:44]

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