The 4-Step Process of Gratitude: EP009

The Gratitpreneurs Podcast – Episode 9 – Show Notes

In this episode, we continue speaking about the promising potential of gratitude notes and how expressing gratitude could be seen as a 4-step process. We conclude by speaking to Maisy about her new résumé and which skills she can add to it along the way.  

By teaching our children and kid entrepreneurs early on about the business and job world we as parents are able to teach them invaluable business skills. For example, creating a child résumé will raise awareness for the job interview process and for which skills and work experience our children may need to succeed. 

Before diving into Maisy’s résumé, we revisit the notion of gratitude notes. In our previous episode, “Gratitude Notes for Strangers & Driving Traffic to the Zoo”, we gave a brief overview of how to say thank you with notes of gratitude. By going the extra step to write your feelings down, you can emphasize how grateful you actually are. Try writing a handwritten letter or a short thank you note and see how it makes you and the recipient feel! 

Gratitude notes can be written and given to both adults and kids, but first, we need to learn how to express ourselves genuinely. As parents, we teach our children how to practice gratitude but sometimes simply saying “thank you” isn’t enough. The Raising Grateful Children Project by Professor Andrea Hussong among other contributors emphasizes the significance of teaching our children to express gratitude meaningfully. 

But how do we do this? For children but also many adults, expressing our thankfulness can be tricky, we often don’t know where to start. How do I say thank you? How do I even put it into words? The Raising Grateful Children Project also suggests using a 4-step process to be able to elaborate why you’re grateful. It consists of first noticing what you have been given, acknowledging the intention, asking yourself how it made you feel, and finally responding by expressing your gratitude. This 4-step process can help children but also anyone who has trouble expressing gratitude. 

What to Listen For:

  • The Raising Grateful Children Project [2:30]
  • The 4-Step Process of Saying Thank You [5:50]
  • Expressing Gratitude with Notes and Letters [10:50]
  • How to Create a Child Résumé [14:45]

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The Raising Grateful Children Project by Andrea M. Hussong


“Once you realize the feelings you have when you truly are grateful, you want to do it more and more.” – Tim [05:25]

There’s more to expressing gratitude than just saying thanks.” – Liz [09:25]

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