Sacred Gratitude Places, Meditation Labyrinths, and Google Shopping: EP007

Gratipreneurs is a show about our family’s journey to build a business based on gratitude and fight cystic fibrosis. Each week we’ll share our experiences on entrepreneurship and teaching kids how to start a t-shirt apparel business, living a more mindful and simple life, and, most important, how to be more genuinely grateful and joyful. Of course, we’ll also touch on homeschooling and homesteading since that’s central to our lifestyle.

The Gratitpreneurs Podcast – Episode 7 – Show Notes

In today’s episode, we look at how to create a sacred space for practicing gratitude and examine scientific findings to understand our potential motivations for expressing appreciation and helping others. We then elaborate on concepts such as Google Shopping ads and search engine optimization and examine how these advertising strategies help us reach new potential customers for Naturally Grateful.

We bring awareness to Naturally Grateful through various channels, such as this podcast, an affiliate program, and Google Shopping. To find out more about our ambassador program, visit our website or listen to episode 5 “Gratitude Rocks, Are Women More Grateful Than Men, and Affiliate Marketing”

And as always, we love finding ways of making expressing one’s thankfulness accessible to everyone! Tim for example isn’t such a fan of writing in journals, but he might enjoy creating a designated space for practicing his gratitude. You can choose a space in your bedroom, a bench in your garden, but basically wherever you feel most at peace and can make a habit of going there to reflect and express your gratefulness. 

Liz was gifted such a space by Tim and Maisy on Mother’s Day and you can read more about their forest meditation labyrinth and sacred space here: “How we Built Our Forest Meditation Labyrinth.

As we are bringing awareness to the practice of expressing gratitude, we also want to understand the deeper motivations of such acts of kindness. Are we more likely to help someone if they have already helped us? Is it down to some deeply ingrained instinct? Why do we help strangers knowing we won’t get anything in return? Some of these studies may help us answer these questions and further understand why expressing our thankfulness is so significant. 

What to Listen For:

  • Sacred Spaces for Expressing Gratitude [0:30]
  • Our Forest Meditation Labyrinth [2:15]
  • Scientific Findings on Gratitude [07:00]
  • Random Acts of Kindness [13:00]
  • Naturally Grateful’s Advertising Techniques: Google Shopping and SEO Optimization [15:30]

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“Let’s ramp up the acts of kindness and our showing of gratitude.” [12:57]

We appreciate your support at and helping us to fight cystic fibrosis. Thanks for tuning in and enjoy the episode!

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