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Are You Naturally Grateful or Is Gratitude a Skill You’ve Learned? |Wake Up With Gratitude Podcast

Interview on Wake Up With Gratitude Podcast with Julie Boyer

Liz Young is the co-founder of Naturally Grateful, and with her husband Tim and daughter Maisy, they are a naturally grateful family. Liz is a former public-school teacher who decided that when her daughter was born that they would homeschool. Gratitude is second nature to her and Tim, and through their homeschooling efforts, their daughter has learned to practice gratitude. Liz is developing a curriculum for other homeschooling parents to teach their kids gratitude skills.

Interview on The Entrepreneur Ethos Podcast

Little Ways You Can Show Gratitude Toward Others And Spread Positivity – Tim Young

Interview on Be Fulfilled, Season 5Ep. 189

“I would advise my younger self to search for a lasting meaning of happiness.  For me, it comes not from things, but from relationships. From experiences. From being there for others and letting them be there for me.” – Tim Young

Interview on Seek the Joy

Tim Young is a passionate marketer and entrepreneur. He has written 10 books (and counting).

I’m excited for you to connect with Tim, check out his work, and follow along as he continues to spread an attitude of gratitude to create a kinder, happier world!

We Have Everything We Need To Be Grateful & Happy – Tim Young

Interview on The Gratitude Podcast with Georgian Benta

Tim runs Small Farm Nation, where he helps farmers with their marketing and he’s written books for Emergency Preparedness so people can Survive Any Disaster, but his passion is living gratefully.

We talked among others, about why he thinks it’s so difficult for people in western countries to be grateful. Naturally Grateful, Tim’s apparel shop, is on a mission of spreading gratitude by wearing gratitude.

Can We Teach Our Kids to be Grateful Entrepreneurs? |Wake Up With Gratitude Podcast

Interview on Wake Up With Gratitude Podcast with Julie Boyer

What if there was a way to infuse gratitude into all aspects of your life? Tim Young and his family are doing just that. Tim is a successful entrepreneur as the founder of Small Farm Nation, a website that offers books and marketing resources for the farming community, as well as a podcast with over 700,000 downloads.

He and his wife Liz have chosen to homeschool their daughter and Tim decided that he would teach Maisy how to become an entrepreneur like dad! Together they came up with the idea for Naturally Grateful, an online clothing store with a mission of ‘spreading gratitude by wearing gratitude’.

Be Who You Want to Be Podcast | Episode 84

Interview on Be Who You Want to Be Podcast with Kandas Rodarte

In this episode of Be Who You Want to Be, Kandas Rodarte interviewed Naturally Grateful co-founder, Tim Young.

Stories of Inspiring Joy – Tim Young

Interview on Stories of Inspiring Joy with Sydney Weiss

In this episode, Tim shares his story from a poor rural homestead, to the highs of corporate America, to realizing what his dream was. He realized that his corporate dream wasn’t the dream he longed for. He walked away from it all. Tim created Naturally Grateful with his wife and daughter. Together they’re on a mission of “spreading gratitude by wearing gratitude.” The story behind the start of the business, the gratitude tree, and how they brainstormed the idea together, is a powerful reminder that we can live joyfully on our terms, that life is meant to be lived with gratitude, and that we have the freedom to choose our path.