Gratitude Reflection & Meditation: EP011

The Gratipreneurs Podcast – Episode 11 – Show Notes

In this episode, we are going to talk about Gratitude Reflection and Meditation. We conclude that Gratitude Reflection is another way that you can practice gratitude. The method is a combination of reflection and meditation.

There are combined benefits of meditation and gratitude with each reflection that you do. Reflection simply means reflecting in your mind and thinking back on something or giving something a serious thought or contemplation. Just clearing your mind helps with Gratitude Reflection.

In our previous episode, “Writing Gratitude Letters,” we talked about writing letters of gratitude and how it’s more effective than verbally it to someone. We concluded that Gratitude Letters are more thoughtful and more emotional that denotes a deeper meaning. Writing a letter instead of typing it on a computer emphasizes your effort to write for them, making them feel loved and remembered.

Gratitude Reflection is the best way for people who like meditating more than writing. It allows you to spend more time thinking about something without distractions. Clearing your mind allows for new feelings or emotions to come up.

Research shows that meditation increases your immune function, reduces stress and anxiety, promotes emotional health, boosts your self-control and self-awareness, and improves sleep. Other research shows that it brings greater happiness, provides more positive emotions, improves health, and helps with relationships. Looking at these benefits, meditation gives you the life to live with a simple gratitude reflection.

What to Listen For:

  • Reflecting in your Mind [1:10]
  • What’s good about Meditating [2:56]
  • How to do Gratitude Reflection [6:05]
  • The Benefit of Practicing Gratitude Reflection [10:33]
  • Having a Commercial in a Podcast [16:00]
  • Enthusiasm, Inspiration, and the Why [20:00]

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“Giving yourself some time to appreciate something that you’re grateful for might cause you to change the way that you act and behave in your day to day life.” – Liz [11:16 – 11:25]

“What sells is enthusiasm, and enthusiasm comes from passion and your belief in what you’re doing.”  – Tim [20:06 – 20:13]

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