Gratitude Notes for Strangers & Driving Traffic…to the Zoo?: EP008

The Gratitpreneurs Podcast – Episode 8 – Show Notes

In today’s episode, we cover expressing gratitude to strangers and conclude with how we have applied Google Shopping and affiliate marketing to our apparel business, Naturally Grateful. While Google Shopping can drive traffic to our website, an ambassador program with people from similar niches will help our apparel business gain traction in the long run. We dive into these advertising concepts and bring them closer to Maisy by comparing them to a zoo business.

However, before exploring these marketing concepts, we bring awareness to the notion of paying it forward by expressing gratitude to strangers. In previous episodes, we have talked about reminding ourselves of what we are grateful for by writing in a journal or keeping notes in a gratitude jar. For more on this topic, listen to Episode 4 “Gratitude Jars and Adopting a Customer Service Policy.”

But do we go out our way enough to show other people how thankful we are? We are usually more inclined to share a negative experience rather than a positive one. That’s why we want to create a ripple effect of gratitude by telling others, even strangers, that we are grateful for them and their service.

In this episode, you will learn how you can share your thankfulness, for example by leaving a note or simply saying “Thanks for the great service!”. You may feel uncomfortable at first, but with time and practice, you’ll realize how your kindness can make someone else’s day. Find what works for you and pay it forward!

What to Listen For:

  • The Science of Leaving Gratitude Notes [1:00]
  • Why We Should Show Gratitude to Strangers [03:50]
  • Exploring Gratitude as an Icebreaker [13:45]
  • How the Expression of Gratitude Can Brighten Somone’s Day [16:45]
  • How a Zoo Business Is Similar to an Online Apparel Business [21:00]
  • Naturally Grateful’s Advertising Techniques: Google Shopping and Affiliate Marketing [27:30]

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Connect with Us:


  • “Our mission at Naturally Grateful is spreading gratitude by wearing gratitude!” [0:15]
  • “We don’t go out of our way enough to express that we’re grateful for them . . . especially if it’s a small thing.” [06:15]
  • “Something as simple and as free . . . as an expression of gratitude, can completely change how someone feels.” [17:05]

We appreciate your support at Naturally Grateful and helping us to fight cystic fibrosis. Thanks for tuning in and enjoy the episode!

Gratipreneurs is a show about our family’s journey to build a business based on gratitude and fight cystic fibrosis. Each week we’ll share our experiences on entrepreneurship and teaching kids how to start a t-shirt apparel business, living a more mindful and simple life, and, most important, how to be more genuinely grateful and joyful. Of course, we’ll also touch on homeschooling and homesteading since that’s central to our lifestyle.

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