Gratitude Collages: EP012

The Gratipreneurs Podcast – Episode 12 – Show Notes

In today’s episode, we look at more creative and kid-friendly ways of expressing gratitude, such as gratitude collages and games. We then explain how we are increasing exposure of our apparel business, Naturally Grateful, through public relations.

As discussed in previous episodes, we increase exposure of Naturally Grateful through various channels, such as this podcast, an ambassador program, and Google Shopping. In addition, Tim has been making appearances on podcasts and blogs to share our story and promote our business.

To find out more about our ambassador program, visit our website or listen to episode 5, “Gratitude Rocks, Are Women More Grateful Than Men, and Affiliate Marketing.” 

And of course, we love finding ways of expressing gratefulness accessible to everyone; that’s why we love gratitude collages, as anyone can take a few pictures and put together a beautiful collage. They’re a great way of being purposeful with your gratitude, and in the end, you’ll have a visual representation of what you’re thankful for. Gratitude games are another great way of conversing about gratitude with your family. Tune in for all the details!

What to Listen For:

  • How to Create a Gratitude Collage [1:00]
  • 5 Reasons to Create a Gratitude Collage [3:45]
  • Play the ABCs of Gratitude with a Gratitude Game [11:40]
  • Marketing More Effectively with Enthusiasm [14:10]
  • Increase Your Exposure with Media and Public Relations [16:00]

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  • “It’s for all ages and gives you a purpose for the pictures you’re taking.” [04:45]
  • “It could give a person a real, almost overwhelming sense of how much they have in their life to be grateful for.” [06:50]

Connect with Us:

We appreciate your support at Naturally Grateful and helping us to fight cystic fibrosis. Thanks for tuning in and enjoy the episode!

Gratipreneurs is a show about our family’s journey to build a business based on gratitude and fight cystic fibrosis. Each week we’ll share our experiences on entrepreneurship and teaching kids how to start a t-shirt apparel business, living a more mindful and simple life, and, most important, how to be more genuinely grateful and joyful. Of course, we’ll also touch on homeschooling and homesteading since that’s central to our lifestyle.

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