The Gratipreneurs Podcast

From your friends at Naturally Grateful!

This is a weekly audio show where we share our family’s journey to build an apparel business. One that is centered on gratitude and raising money to help fight cystic fibrosis.

Each week, we’ll share our experiences on entrepreneurship and how we’re teaching our child the skills and confidence to become a self-sufficient entrepreneur. If you have children or if you’re starting your own business, we hope you’ll find the tips and our journey helpful.

Of course, we’ll also touch on homeschooling and self-reliance since those values are central to our lifestyle. But mainly what we want to share (and spread) is the gift of gratitude. Of the benefits of living a more mindful and simple life, and, most important, how to be more genuinely grateful and joyful. Thanks for tuning in and being part of the Naturally Grateful family.

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