Creative Ways to Express Gratitude and How to Design a Logo: EP003

Gratipreneurs is a show about our family’s journey to build a business based on gratitude and fight cystic fibrosis. Each week we’ll share our experiences on entrepreneurship and teaching kids how to start a t-shirt apparel business, living a more mindful and simple life, and, most important, how to be more genuinely grateful and joyful. Of course, we’ll also touch on homeschooling and homesteading since that’s central to our lifestyle.

In this episode of Gratipreneurs we discuss:

  • A new Sleep Number bed and why one of us can’t sleep.
  • Creative ways to express gratitude when a gratitude journal doesn’t work for you.
  • How to choose a logo and brand style for your business.
  • and more

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You know, Maisy, you know what mommy is most grateful for? Sleep. Because we’re after 18 years of having that old mattress that we had, that was soft as can be, which gave me a sore back every time I woke up, mommy finally convinced me to buy one of those Sleep Number mattresses. Remember, we went to the store and looked at them. And each site is different. So now I have my sights set on 100, which is hard as a brick. And she had her sights set on like 30. And now she can’t sleep at all. So we’ve had so she’s had it for like two days now. And she can’t sleep on the mattress. So I think that’s what she’s most grateful for.

Why doesn’t she return it, get our mock our new mattress and go back to our old like,

well, because like starting a gratitude practice. When you make a change and something like that, you got to do it for a little while and try to get into a new habit and see what you feel. You can’t just try it one time and say, oh, that didn’t work. You got to give it some time. So that’s what I’m doing.

Right now what I’m doing is I’m living with a person who’s trying to go through this adjustment process.

I bet on Saturday instead of waking up at 10 is gonna wake up early.

We had a good conversation this morning at the gratitude tree. Because I said Maisie What are you feeling grateful for this week or today? And what did you say?


Yeah, he said lizards and I said, Okay, well, if we write that on the tree, let’s think about what mom said last week, because mom talked about how most of the time people say they’re grateful for something tangible. And I actually what tangible meant, what did you say?

Something you can hold

something you can hold or touch, right? It’s something physical, right? And I said, so. Are you really grateful for lizards? And you said, Yes, I’m really grateful for lizards. And I said, Okay, well, why are you grateful for lizards? And what did you say?

They’re fun.

Okay, so they’re fun. And I said, Well, what is it that makes you grateful for lizards? What do you what do you think?

And I said,

You said you’d like to chase them. Yeah. And I said, Okay. You’d like to chase them and like to catch them. I said, but why do you like to chase them and catch them? And we finally arrived at what you really what you really like, and what was that?

Having fun?

They give you joy? Right? You get joy? is so and so the example I gave you, as I said, Imagine if somebody can’t feel joy. So

I heard that there are people that don’t feel joy. They don’t know how to

I said, Well imagine that. So a person like that, or someone who’s a robot, for example, you know, or couldn’t feel joy would go chase the lizard, and in catch the lizard, and look at it in the hand and go, okay, it’s a lizard. And they would feel no joy. So what I said is, if you were that person, would you still be grateful for lizards? If you derive no joy from it? I don’t know. But the reason you are grateful for lizards is because you do derive joy right? So that makes you happy. Just like playing with your stuffed animals makes you happy too. Right? So what we wrote on the on the wall today mom was I’m grateful because I can feel joy when I catch lizards.

Oh, wow, what a different answer than what you started with being grateful for lizards. But when you took some time to think about it, it led you down a path. All kinds of different ideas. Pretty cool.

But Maisy is not short of feeling joy. There’s a lot of things she could do to feel joy. What are things you can do to feel joy?

as to why I tell you to I feel joy I catch up. Why

is a great emotion what a

no vote for some reason I just embarrassed

What else can you do to feel joyful? How about

drawing you spend almost all afternoon yesterday drawing that must have brought you joy?

Yeah. A grateful tear sit on mom’s lap and snuggler Oh, I’m grateful for that to

see that’s a different emotion. You’re feeling you’re feeling love it then aren’t you? Yep, yeah. And security. Cool.

Well, last week, we got on record that Maisie actually likes keeping a gratitude journal. So I’m glad we have that recorded. And I also talked about how I had become convinced to start making gratitude more of a practice by journaling. But we heard that daddy was going to try to give it a shot. So how did that go this past week.

I am proud to say that for two whole days in a row. The first two days I wrote in my gratitude journal. And then for five straight days now, I have been Mia missing in action.

What kind of a grade will you give him a

year Oh, great. zero

to two days.

I did okay. 2%

No, no, I did. But we’ve been working on fractions, right? There were seven days in the week, and I did two. So why did I do two segments?

By? That means you get zero out of 100

still fail? Like 20%? I believe that my

No, nope, you fail. Sorry, you failed the test, you got kicked out of school.

Now, I’m not feeling joyful, feeling shameful?

Well, good thing that it wasn’t a requirement that making a gratitude journal is something optional. One of the things that we’re going to talk about in the coming weeks is that when you start a new practice, when you might want to make a change or a habit, then it takes a lot of practice and consistency. And that can be really hard to do in the beginning. But if you want to strengthen your gratitude muscle, then you need to make an intentional practice, which means you need to set an intention and tell yourself that you’re going to commit to it. And then you’ve got to put in the work. But the good news is, is that the more you do something, the easier it gets. So maybe Daddy will want to set an intention this week to commit to it and do it a little bit more. Or maybe he’ll find that gratitude journaling is not the way that he wants to practice gratitude. There’s lots of different ways.

This week, I’m going for three sevens, maybe even four sevens. That’s my goal.

Well, there are other ways and we’re going to talk about them in future podcasts. But

your seven aren’t that one hole.

Okay, so 7/7.

That’s his goal. That’s what he’s gonna try for. Well, there are lots of different ways to practice gratitude, and we’ll talk about more of them in the future. But today, we’re going to talk some more about the most popular way which is journaling. But you know, different people are comfortable doing different things with journaling. So some people like to write every day, but some people only write once a week. So maybe daddy’s onto something. If he only got to write in his journal two times last week, maybe he’s a weekly person,

I’m a trend setter.

But then there’s also the time of day that you write. So what do you like to do Maisie when would you like to write in your journal best? what time of day?

I like to write in my journal in the afternoon.

Okay, that’s when you feel most like you’re you’ve got the energy for writing and well my mind for thinking about the morning.

Okay, so the mornings, the best time for you mess, the best time for me to write

in early.

I know, you know, the mistake I made though, the reason I only did it two sevenths of the time, I wouldn’t mind writing in the morning, but it’s over there, like 20 feet away. And in the morning, I come up here, it’s possible

to walk 20 feet in the morning.

Well, my routine is I come sit at my desk here. And I don’t want

to just put the book, this silly old book right on your desk.

That’s a very good idea. It’s a very logical idea. But look here at my desk, I’ve got a small desk that I built here, just to work on the computer so that I wouldn’t collect things like a journal. So I’ve got to figure out for me, I’ve got to figure out a system,

okay, you’ve got a piano like you put that little picture. So he’s

got to change his routine to walk to his gratitude journal in the morning rather than walking to his desk for work. And it’s hard to change routines, it does take time it takes practice to make something a new habit. Well, you know, some people like to write at night, because they think it helps them sleep better. Some people like to write first thing in the morning because they think it starts their day off positively. But the thing is, each person needs to find out what works for them. And the thing that you don’t want, gratitude journaling, or really any kind of journaling to become is you don’t want it to become a chore. You don’t want it to become that thing that you have to do. Because that really defeats the purpose of being grateful, doesn’t it, you don’t want to feel like you have to be grateful.

Now, because honestly, that’s I mean, again, we’ll find out what happens as we go through all this kind of stuff. But I don’t want to write in a gratitude journal. What I want is I want to feel grateful all the time is one of the reasons obviously that we, you know, found that a company that’s gratitude guard, but we have clothing, because that’s how I want to feel all the time. I don’t want to associate my feeling of gratitude with what we said last week, sitting down and thinking about it. That said last week, he made a pretty convincing argument that by actually looking at what you’re writing for 20 seconds or so then it makes a more permanent change in how you feel about it. So I mean, I get it, why people would do it. But for me, I just want to be appreciative and grateful all the time for what I have.

Well, for people that have that do decide to write a gratitude journal, I would say, you know, you got to give it some time to make it a habit. But most importantly, you’ve got to find out what works for you the frequency, the time of day, you just don’t want it to become a chore. But so let’s say you have decided to write in a journal. And maybe we talked about how a lot of times your ideas are simple things sort of more tangible things. And we compared it to my journal, which are more things like thoughts or feelings. And we realized that maybe over time, your ideas would change too and that he talked to you a little bit about that. This Morning with talking about lizards and how what you really mean is that it brings you joy. Well, there’s room for all of those kinds of things in gratitude journal, those simple little tangible ideas plus those big abstract thoughts. There’s room for all of it in a journal. And when you change up, what you write in your journal, is a way of keeping it interesting so that it doesn’t become a chore. So that’s a good thing to have room for all of those different ideas. Alright, so let’s talk about some different things that you can write in your gratitude journal. So first of all, did you know that you can buy gratitude journals that are already made, and each page tells you what to think about. So you might turn the page one day, and it will say, write three things that you are grateful for that happened to you yesterday. And then the next day, you turn the page, and it says, write something that you’re grateful for that you can see around the room in front of you. And so each page tells you what to do. What do you think about a journal like that? Would you like something like that?

I like writing. And plus, I like sticking things on our graduate tree.

So you like so you like freestyle writing, you don’t want to prompt those journals give you a prompt for people who don’t have an idea of what they should be grateful for. But you don’t think you need that you think you could just come up with your own feeling of gratitude. Okay, so what are you feeling grateful for this precise moment, then if you’re writing right now. You

Oh, thank


That’s what I’m feeling grateful for that I had tonight with you too. And I don’t have to be at a job somewhere else I can work and I’m

glad I can always snuggle mom and it on daddy’s head.

He can’t snuggle mom, she’s too tired, she needs her sleep.

Well, I opted to just get a blank page journal because I didn’t really want to be told what to think about at that moment. I wanted to be a free thinker, like you were saying and think about what I was grateful for that moment. But you know, there’s another thing you could do, you could go online, and you could print out a list of gratitude prompts. So if you had a blank journal, and you most of the time, wanted to be a free thinker, but every now and then there was a time where you said, Gee, I just my mind’s kind of too busy or you know, I can’t think of anything that I want to write, you could flip to one of those gratitude prompts, and that could help you in that particular moment. And you can look online, there’s tons of lists of gratitude prompts on there. And they may say things like, write a place that you’re grateful for, or write something in nature that you’re grateful for. And so it just gives you an idea of what category to think of in case you get stuck.

So amazing. What’s a place that you’re grateful for?

My dirt Hill,

your dirt you’ve got to see over there. Over there on our across the pond, we hit this dirt hill that you’d like to slide down to be grateful for. So that’s the so that’s how a gratitude journal with prompts can work. If you saw that, you might think I’m really grateful for my dirt Hill. And then you could think how does that dirt Hill make me feel? And the answer is dirty.

No, it makes me feel like I’m in a natural world with the cows.

me feel like I got some laundry to do.

Yeah, makes me feel like, I can go bare feet whenever I please. And it also makes me feel like I’m part of nature. It’s your wild spot. Yeah. Cool.

That’s a good spot to have.

I always wish I could run across the grass every day. bare feet,

what’s stopping you?


sometimes we tell you to put your shoes on.

guys always tell me you know, put your shoes on and don’t get dirty.

Because you know if we ever tell you not to get dirty, but I do tell you put your shoes on. But it’s all out of love Honey, I just washed your feet. Because

you always like to go from the yard into the woods because you have a place to play in the woods and you’re gonna need your shoes on for that.

Okay, I can actually be fine without my shoes.

Okay. All right. She’s got

tougher feet than I do. And tougher than dads too. Well,

we said that there is room in a journal for all kinds of ideas. So one category of ideas would be the simple kind of ideas. And I think that’s where you’re at neezy you like to write simple ideas. And that’s fine. That makes sense. So what could somebody write what what could they be thinking of if they just want to write simple ideas? They they open up their journal and they say, I’m just going to do something simple today. What do you think they might think?

Think simply, okay, well,

here’s some ideas. You could just look out the window and write something that you see out the window that you’re grateful for. or looking at the room, whatever room you’re sitting and see if there’s something simple,

like a cow

out the window. You see, I’m grateful for my cow. Right now I’m looking and I say, I’m really grateful for my cup of coffee.

Pretty simple, right? And I say I’m grateful for that hat. How come? Because it might be rainy, rainy day?

Yeah, sure, cool. Or you could say, I’m just gonna write one sentence today. And think of whatever you’re grateful for. But just keep it to one sentence love of

the blah, blah, blah.

Like, I’m grateful for my electric guitar,

there you go, period, something simple. Or you could just write down three things that you were grateful for yesterday. So make a little list of simple pleasures. Think of yesterday and write down just jot down three notes of something you’re grateful for. Pretty simple ideas. It doesn’t take a lot of time or even a lot of effort. But it gets you started in the practice in the habit of writing in your journal,

and I am grateful for mom’s rain. It’s so pretty it is. I wish she could always go outside and keep going outside with the chickens and the baby chicks that are turning into cookies. And let them pick out your ring. They do like to pick

their love to package shiny things.

Yeah, I remember when I used to. I remember one time, when I put my finger and was the turkeys they pick out my friend. One time, I had a chick in the house, like some chicks. And when I lifted it up, it picked up my eye for some

reason, turkeys and chickens will see the freckles on your skin. And they’ll say that could be a speck of food. Let me find out No, start picking that here.

Well look at that. That brings me to our next section, which is you can also write about bigger ideas in your journal. And one of those bigger ideas that I have on my list is to write about a happy memory that you have like when the chicks pecked at your freckles. So now you’re not just writing a sentence, now you’re writing a few sentences, and you’re thinking about that long time ago memory that made you happy, and you’re bringing that grateful feeling back to you. So another big idea that you could write about would be to write about someone that you’re grateful for. And you can actually write a letter, even if you don’t mail it, but find someone that you’re grateful for and write a letter expressing your gratitude to them. That’s a much bigger idea. And don’t forget, you can write about artists and musicians or authors, people that you’ve never met, maybe even people that aren’t even alive. You were read a book by William Shakespeare this morning, maybe you could write a letter of appreciation and gratitude to him. Thank you for writing that great story that I read. But

he’s not even sure

but you don’t have to mail it. It’s just the act of taking some time and expressing your gratitude to someone important. The

idea is how would it make you feel if you wrote that not? Not? How would the recipient feel, but you would get to express your gratitude. And by doing that, it would make you really realize how grateful you are to have had that experience that the person gave you. I’m going to write a letter to Leonard Skinner, the ones I’m sure like Gary Ross and Tim, Johnny Manziel, recommend like you guys are getting this letter,

thank you for all of that music.

Simple man Freebird all of the songs Yeah.

Another big idea that you could write about is writing about an opportunity you have or something you’re looking forward to. So maybe you’ve got a vacation coming up. And you’re grateful for that. And you can write about your anticipation for hat come

off, because I like this Hatchimal video game where I get to go to sunshine surf, and I get my Hatchimals surf for me, and collect clam shells and things.

So you could write all about that experience about playing a video game and how you get to drift off into an imaginary world and how grateful you are that you have that opportunity to do that.

And grateful for the gift of imagination.

Now there is an emotion to write about,

because I love imagination.

So there’s room for simple ideas and big ideas. But the thing that I like about having a blank gratitude journal, is that there’s also room to be creative. And not every person does have a creative side, but I certainly do. And so I like being able to express that at the same time as my gratitude. So sometimes in my gratitude journal, I’ll just make a numbered list to say the top 10 things that I’m grateful for. But then I spent a lot of time doodling around the side, and adding little pictures of the things and stuff. And it does mean it causes me to pause and think about the things that I put on the list a little bit more when I add some art to it. So it kind of goes back to what we said a couple podcasts ago where if you evoke more than one sense, like not just thinking about something, but also writing about it, maybe using some art in it and bringing in some other senses. You actually feel it stronger and learn it better.

But he does that all the time. She likes to do it all this morning when you wrote that you felt joy from it from lizards from chasing lizards. What did you do at the end of it?

A little Lizard.

Lizard chasing an insect right?

Yeah, and I saw it. And I made it look like it’s it was like tongue handed so

you get joy from chasing a lizard who was chasing an insect. Yeah, I hope that lizard was gonna enjoy for chase

sect was chasing another insect and that insect was chasing a molecule and that molecule was chasing its electrons and chasing the molecule. Oh, boy,


So what are some other creative ways you think you could write in a gratitude journal? What could you write that would also help you express your creative side? Any ideas?

I’m grateful for colors.


I mean, imagine because, of course, there’s some people that can’t see color. So there’s some people that don’t have the gift of sight. Or some people that are hearing visually impaired and can only see like, you know, monochrome colors or whatever. So we can see all kinds of colors and shades. Right? What a great gift that is.

By the way, about colors, I don’t really know what every books color is. Because, for example, is the sky really blue? Or is it pink? Because burbs see differently than us? There’s also heat vision and other kinds of visions. Ultra white light virgin, and also things. So is it? So it’s a tree really have white bark? Or Brown?

Hands on who you ask what species you are and how your eyes perceive color.

Our philosophy lessons are working. She’s getting very deep philosophical with a question.

I’m wondering. What colors are they really since all of us are wrong about it, because troglodyte ons or other types of animals, I mean. Alright, anyway.

So what are we doing dinosaurs? Yeah. So see colored differently, or they saw colored differently than we do out? No, but maybe I

heard that some types of eagles and other things can see heat vision.

Yeah. Cool. So I guess we just talked about color, in terms of how humans see it, because that’s, that’s what we can relate to what other humans see later, right? different animals will see different things. Yeah, but

one problem? Is it. For example, is this book really black? Or is it green?

I think all we can do is talk about what we have in common. And so to us, it’s black.

You have you have what’s called a frame of reference. Now you can scientifically measure and quantify things. But we haven’t agreed if we agree, for example, that your your shirt is What color? That’s exactly what I see. Now. That doesn’t mean there’s not shades of purple. Right? Yeah, you know, there’s lavender is a shade of purple. There’s dark shades of purple, there’s lighter shades of purple,

but to any goal or to a different thing like a dog. My shirt is great.

It doesn’t look purple at all, they don’t even know what purple is. Yeah, okay.

And they can only see good blues and, and other colors?

Well, I think what you just proved is that you have a very creative mind to be able to think of questions like that. And so I think you do have a creative side. And you might want to express that in your gratitude journal. So some ways that you could be creative and also show your gratitude in your journal at the same time is, maybe you could write a poem, instead of just a simple sentence or paragraph for your journal entry, maybe you could write a poem about something you’re grateful for. Or maybe you could take pictures. So during the day, you could have your camera with you or your phone and take a picture of something you’re grateful for. And then later in the day, you could print that out and glue that in your gratitude journal and write about it. And remember that experience that why that made you grateful, and I’m also wondering

more about colors, because, for example, is everything black right now? Or are we just seeing each other in different colors and coloring? Like is the Arab black and we can see little black dots? Or is it just transparent to us? Interesting,

okay, we’ll get back to that later.

So how about quotes to maybe you could write a quote in your gratitude journal that either inspires you to be grateful or reminds you of your gratitude? Or,

also, how

about mind mapping? So I kind of

like reading your mind.

It’s letting your mind take you on a path. Yes, it does wander a little bit, but it wanders in a certain direction, aimless that while you’re doing that, you’re staring into space, where you might be because you have to think about it. So I did this a little bit when I was talking about being grateful for my new book. So if you are going to make a mind map About that same thing that I did, basically, the way it would work is in the center of the page, you would write my new book, there you go, that’s what you’re grateful for. But then you might draw a line coming out of that and say, Hmm, it’s knowledge that I’m really grateful for. And then from there, I might draw another line and say, Hmm, is is the opportunity to be able to access information that I’m grateful for. And you keep making a path there and connecting one idea to another idea until you have a map of all these different things that you’re grateful for. And it all stemmed from that one basic idea you started with. So there are a lot of ways to be creative in your gratitude journal, too. So from the simple ideas, the big ideas or the artistic, creative ideas, there’s room for all of it. But the important thing is to just try to get in a habit. If gratitude journaling is what you’re committing to. And that’s, that’s the intention you’re setting for your practice.

Okay, Mom, I’ll make sense. And I’ll try my best to do a little bit better. My gratitude journal this week. So amazing. Let’s just turn to a quick business lesson because we always have a business lesson in our episode, because we’re teaching you to be an entre. That’s a tough word for you to say, as an entrepreneur, I

like doing it funny because like, yeah, you’re like, Hi, new, entre. Pick newer? Well,

you can say it any way you want to. But an entrepreneur is a person who starts a business and takes the risk of a business and said, Okay, I’m willing to risk the money I’ve got to spend to start a business for the potential reward of well, will the business be successful and when I get something out of the business, Now, last week, we talked about the name gratitude guard. Remember, because two episodes ago, you said, You’re not really fond of it. And last week, we talked about how we come up with a name and and why it’s important to go through and choose the best name you can for your business. Remember that. So after we chose the name, gratitude garb, which you now love, right? Okay, after we chose the name, gratitude guard, the next thing that we did was, let’s design a logo. Now, this is what most businesses do big and small. After they choose a name for their company. They just they design a logo. But it brings up a question, right? Why design a logo? Why do you need a logo? Why can’t you just say on gratitude garb? And just write your name? Why do you need a logo?

Because people need to know?

Well, people, everybody thinks that you need I’ve done a lot of logo design for small businesses. I’ve done a lot of logo, consultations, which meaning I’m giving advice, and a lot of times I tell people, why do you need a logo, sometimes you don’t need a logo depends on whether or not you’re going to have your logo on a package. You know, when you go to the grocery store, and you see something that you really want to buy, a lot of times you’ll see a logo or design there, right? And that makes you want to get that

I especially love scruff surprise rescue, because it’s all about you getting these little puff falls in a blanket and you have to heal them. Right. And I’m arming. I’m actually reading to get up to an ambulance because mom’s gonna give me a little evette ambulance that comes with a Dutch hound adoption or something. And it’s amazing because the Datsun gets to save all the animals that I get.

Okay, so let’s say for example, that, you know, sometimes we need a plumber, right? And we’re driving on the road and we see a sign and it’s just written in print. And the guy says, you know, Eddie’s plumbing service with his phone number right now, and then we call him because we need we need something fixed on the house, right?

Yeah, no, because definitely because it’s flooded out.

We could have a leak or something and it’s flooded. But now does it matter to us when we see his sign? If he has a logo or not? We just want to know that he’s a plumber, right? So he doesn’t need a logo in that case. Now he has a logo that’s fine, but not all businesses need a logo. But here I’m going to show you something on the computer. And I want to show you tell me what you think when you see this what do you what what do you think when you see that?

I know that it’s Disney

Okay, that’s the Disney logo right? So describe it for people who are listening

it’s like a castle and then it has this like hoop over it

yeah so like like the Disney you know, the shooting star goes over the castle right and the it’s just the word Disney right? Now you’re looking at that. Now how does that make you feel when you see it?

Knowing guys Disney

what’s your when you see that image? How does it How do you feel? What emotion

destiny is

just a plain old image? Okay, that doesn’t make you feel any emotions.

Does it make you feel angry? Does it make you feel happy? What

it does make me feel

okay so for a lot of people would see this image and they would be excited. And happy because that image to them means play. And it means fun, because they associate Disney with Disney World or the Disney Channel, or things that bring them happiness, right. So this is a reason for having a logo. A logo is basically a shorthand is it’s a way for without saying, Hey, we’re Disney, we’re going to give you a lot of fun in your life and a lot of entertainment, all these kinds of things. The logo is something for you in your mind to connect that emotional feeling with what that brand with that company offers that company offers. Now mom for you, what does this make you feel?

Oh, I lost some chocolate.

What do you feel amazing when you see that young? Okay, well not describe for listeners, what you’re looking at.

I see something that says Hershey and a Hershey’s kiss in front of me, right.

So this is a lot of times when I advise farmers on logos, farmers in particular, love to come up with these very intricate logos. I’m going to put a picture of a pig, a chicken, a cow all these things. And then in very little little print, they put the name of their farm. Look at the Hershey logo and I always pointed this for them. I go look, the Hershey logo is nothing but their name, Hershey and big bold font capital letters and

then a little tiny Hershey Kiss

and that’s but that’s new. They didn’t used to have that it used to the Hershey logo always was the word Hershey Think about it this way. What is the Coca Cola logo?

Just the name Coca

Cola, right? I’m not showing it to you. Right? But because you know it, it’s the name Coca Cola. So people see that and it makes them think refreshment or something or whatever, or could make you think, you know, I hate sugar or whatever. But people see Hershey innocent, and it’s a short way for them to think I have an emotional response to what I’m seeing. They’re so amazing when we design a logo. Okay, we design our logo here, right? And so the idea for our logos that when people see it over time, there’s a there’s an emotional response that they’ll have from that logo, they’ll see that and what emotions do we want them to have? to be happy, to be happy, feel grateful

to buy stuff,

right? So now the process for us, you know, when creating a logo, if somebody is a designer, they can sit down, if they’re really good with design tools on a computer, they can design their own logo. But most of the times to get a really good professional logo like this, you have to go out and hire a designer. Now we went through a website. And we went through a website where we said, here’s our project, we want to logo. And so we chose a lot of designers, and then they could come through and submit designs. Do you remember doing that with me in mind? Kinda so we wrote this, we wrote this thing called a brief and said, Okay, we’re, we’ve got a new company. It’s called gratitude garb. And here’s what we stand for. And here’s what we want in a logo. And then people start trying to design it. And what happened was, we got like 45 designs. Here are the first ones like right here. And that looks nothing like our logo does it? So what I’m doing is I’m showing our logo design contest online, and all these different logos that were submitted to us.

I like the one with the story. Oh, yeah, there

were a lot that were really great. But we had to narrow it down to one that fit our goal, and really evoked the emotions that we were trying to strive for.

So and so some of these were close, and they’re good, right? But they’re not the ones that we ended up going with in the end. I’ll show you a couple of others over here. We’ll get to get there, right, there you go. So they started getting closer, because you can see what’s happening here, it almost looks like a flower pedal radiating out, right. And then actually what happened as we got closer here to our design, we still didn’t find anything that was what we wanted. So you may not remember this maze. But here I’ll show you a picture. You and I actually started sitting down and drawing logos. There’s what you did you remember that you sat down and did one. And what ended up happening was I ended up just sitting down and doing this.

And that was what we want.

Well, that’s pretty closer, what I did was I wrote a G and then I inverted the G inverted means to turn it around opposite. So the G is facing the G. But then I made it radiate out, you see that?

Because we wanted to spread gratitude. So we wanted our logo to kind of give that feeling about, you can pass on gratitude and radiate it out.

But I’m not a good I don’t have, you know, the design tools online. And I certainly don’t have the artistic skills other than doing that to to create this. So then I went back to the designer, and I said, Okay, here’s, you know what we want to do this kind of thing. And so she ended up creating the design for us, and I sent her a copy of it. And then what she did was she turned it into this in my part in the middle where I had the G i say can you turn that into hands that are basically almost like giving praise, you know, not religiously, necessarily could be interpreted that way if you want, but giving praise that you’re grateful to nature or you’re or to to a higher power or whatever for What you have. And so that’s how we designed the logo. You remember that process of designing a logo. So the reason we did the logo was because we want people if when they enjoy our products to remember them, so when we design our T shirts, the inside label that’s on the back of the shirt back here, says gratitude, Gore. Now, we could have just done that with the text. But in fact, most of our logo, if you remember, look at it here. Most of our logo actually, is text. Right? But we have that symbol like mom said, this show that we radiate gratitude. That’s the whole point of if that makes sense. Okay, so so far, what do we learn? We’ve learned in our episodes, how to come up with an idea for a business, how to take action on the idea how to actually name the business, which we did, and I know you love that name, gratitude garb?

I hate it. Oh, okay. I hate it. But

how do you like our logo?

The logo?

You mean the one that you did that one? The flower? Yeah. No, not

that flower. A different

a different one that you did? No,

not that I did that. That’s

the designer did okay.

Well, there’s not a there’s not a perfect logo choice. But what you’re trying to think about when you do your logo is that what feeling Do you want to convey? Now having said that, you know, I don’t know why Hershey’s came up with their logo. That was a long time ago. But Disney’s logo. When you see the Cinderella Castle, it does seem kind of magical, right? I mean, in real life, do you know where there’s a Cinderella Castle? I mean, there, there are some there are some castles, but you really think of magic, don’t you? And that’s part of the Disney experience. We want you to think magic and fun. So when you design a logo, or any kind of branding element, any kind of look and feel and color scheme for your business or for your website. You want to be thinking, what emotion? Do I want the consumer, the customer to feel when they see this? And I think you’re right, mom, I think when they see ours, we want them to think that this is giving praise. This is giving appreciation. And this is radiating gratitude. That’s what we’re after.

I think we did it.

I think we did it.

But I think Disney is better at it. Because Don’t you think that’s a good idea for Disney to have a good idea? Because I like I like going to Disney World. Well, geez,

I think everybody likes going to Disney World. Just Just for the record. Disney has a slightly higher marketing budget than we do. So we did the best we could write.

Yeah, but just so you know. Disney is really cool, because I remember that. You can get cotton candy. That’s the best part.

What are you grateful for cotton candy now? Uh huh. Yeah,

I love cotton candy. on time. I left my cotton candy dry out dried sugar. And I was able to eat it. And it was like a cookie inside. And inside was yummy. liquidy sugar cube heaven.

So you think we’ve talked enough on this episode?

Yeah, it’s time to wrap it.

Wrap it up. All right. Well, until next time,

yep. Bye.


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