A Naturally Grateful Family

We spread gratitude and joy through graphics and phrases printed and embroidered on home decor and apparel for men, women, and kids.

We’re real people with an attitude of gratitude

Hey, We’re Tim and Liz, and that’s our daughter, Maisy, in these pics with us.

We live in rural America on what we like to think of as a modern homestead. Chickens, rabbits, fresh air, dirt roads—just a simple life.

We homeschool Maisy, tend to a bunch of animals, and enjoy a pretty simple life. One that we’re grateful for.


Being grateful & spreading joy

Naturally Grateful is a family-owned brand with a mission of spreading our attitude of gratitude one fashion statement at a time. Being grateful not only leads to personal joy but spreading the feeling of gratitude helps make the world a happier, more peaceful place for us all. From stylish t-shirts and comfy hoodies to home decor and gifts, our products allow you to spread gratitude.

Two things inspired us to start Naturally Grateful.

  • A homeschool lesson for our daughter, and, 
  • a desire to fight cystic fibrosis, a disease that afflicts a close family friend.


Practicing Gratitude

One of the things we do in our homeschool is practice gratitude. To be conscious about the gifts we have been given. We write in our gratitude journal and we post on the gratitude tree we painted on our wall.

There are so many things in life to be grateful for, from the big things (health and love) to the small things (walks and wildflowers).

Putting gratitude front and center in our lives keeps us and our daughter focused on all we do have, and not on the things we don’t have.

The Idea Behind Naturally Grateful

Naturally Grateful was born of the joy we feel by being grateful and expressing our gratitude. Our hope is to share that joy and to encourage others to spread the seeds of gratitude far and wide. Our motto explains how we hope to achieve that:

“Spreading gratitude by wearing gratitude.”

Here you’ll find exciting fashion designs from super-soft tees, hoodies, and hats for him, her, them, and the kids to fitted shirts and racerback tanks for the ladies. And you’ll find stylish home decor, backpacks, bags, and accessories to inspire gratitude in your home and wherever you go.

It is our belief that gratitude and thankfulness are the roots of happiness. We can’t imagine someone being both thankful and upset at the same time. But sometimes we all need a reminder to reflect and show our gratitude.

We have three aims with Naturally Grateful.

  • The first is that we hope to inspire as many people as we can to prioritize gratitude and spread the gift of it to others. We hope to make the world a happier place.
  • The second aim is we are building this family business with our daughter, teaching her the skills to conceive, start, and run a business. Teaching her how to be independent, confident, and as self-reliant as possible is a central part of our homeschool plan for her.
  • The third aim is to raise as much money as we can to help fight cystic fibrosis. A friend of Maisy’s has this horrible but not widely understood disease, and we’ve seen the impact it has on our close friends.

By building and growing a business centered on the message of gratitude, we hope to achieve three beautiful ideals; inspiring people to be grateful, teaching our daughter independence, and helping to put an end to cystic fibrosis during the lifetime of our young friend.

If you’d like you can read how we got started in our blog.

We’re grateful you’re here with us, and we’ll be even more grateful if you will support our cause.