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About “Naturally Grateful” & the dog in the logo

Everyone wants to be grateful, right? Because when you’re truly grateful you’re also truly joyful. And that’s the goal, isn’t it? To be happy!

The problem is that many people struggle with happiness because gratitude isn’t “natural” for them.  But, why does gratitude have to be so difficult? Can’t someone show us all how to be “naturally grateful?”

Yes, they can! Meet our canine mascot Asher (a name meaning “happy” and “blessed.”). 

Why did we choose a dog for our mascot? Because dogs are naturally grateful, aren’t they? Even if they just saw you a few minutes ago, they’re naturally grateful to see you again. And they’re just as grateful for the simple pleasures in life, be it a stick, a ball, a walk, or a belly rub.

Dogs know how to be naturally grateful for what they have. They don’t spend time stressing over what they don’t have and neither should we. They can teach us a lot, and we’ll feature Asher on many of our designs.

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What is an “Attitude of Gratitude” & Why is it Important?

An attitude of gratitude is recognizing the wonderful things you have in life. It’s when you focus on what you do have rather than what you don’t have. Why is it important to have an attitude of gratitude? Because it’s impossible to be unhappy WHILE you’re grateful!

Some people try gratitude journals, but they don’t work for everyone. Even when they do, they are private expressions of gratitude. Gratitude journals don’t help “spread” gratitude the way apparel can.

So, start with what you wear! Whether you’re looking for women’s fitted shirts, gratitude hoodies, inspiring Christian designs, or unisex tees with motivational quotes, our “gratitude garb” will not only put you in a grateful frame of mind but will help you spread the gift of gratitude wherever you go.

Naturally Grateful is a small, family-run business, founded in a homeschool room. Want to learn more about us?

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